Designer Sarees-redefining woman fashion

Sarees are one of the most predominant garments festooned in a woman’s wardrobe. Perhaps there is not a single woman in India who does not like to flaunt sarees once in a while. The wheels of Indian fashion industry has  undergone profound changes over many centuries but nonetheless, the aristocracy and elegance  of sarees remain undaunted.

Sarees come in many colors and forms. While the most popular kinds that  dominated the market in early 80’s included Dhaka adman, tang ail, Banaras, Bandhani, Chikan, stanchion, kantar, blucher among others. Today, fashionnistas are much more  inclined about the design aspects of it. The design,  tint  and appearance of the saree should not actually render a different look to its user; the theme should never actually try to enforce  a personality on the person wearing it. Rather the idea should be to accentuate the inner beauty of its wearer.

The most popular kinds of designer sarees are mainly hand printed, chiffon, georgette and nylon sarees. Some are elegantly designed with intricate zardousi work with sequins embedded on the borders. Most of the designer collections are inspired from some motifs. For instance, the tranquility of sea is an ideal motif for blue designer sarees  crafted with beaded sea shells. Most of the sarees designed are motivated  from some element of nature. Nature has a big impact in the designs and print of the garment.

Almost all designer  productions are complimented with matching blouse. Sometime, the blouse is designed in contrast with the color of the saree which make the garment look all the more  prominent and increases its elegance . The necklines are designed with cross-stitched borders. Wide inverted raw-boned neckline or halter neckline with short cap sleeve are also very much in vogue.

Designer sarees are not only a popular  outfit  in India but also in western countries. To add dollops of bohemian looks, designer sarees are accompanied by waistbands decorated with different sorts of embellishments that accentuates the waist. It  focuses  the physique of slim and tall people and also helps you make fashion statement.


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